Hang on. Things may get bumpy.

Closing for sale of house: June 21 Flight to Chicago: June 22-26 Flight to Miami/Costa Rica: July 8 Excited. Exhausted. Happy. Frustrated. Content. Confused. These are the range of emotions one goes through several times each day when getting rid of all your earthly possessions except for what you can fit into three suitcases each.Continue reading “Hang on. Things may get bumpy.”

Dreaming and scheming

In considering destinations, three have floated atop the list: Costa Rica, France, and Spain. I know, all of these things are not like the others. Not to say that other locales won’t pop up on the list, but in our short round of investigations, these are simply the places that initially ping our hearts. ShortContinue reading “Dreaming and scheming”

What the hell are we doing?

Why would a Pittsburgh couple in their late fifties/early sixties think of giving away all possessions and consider moving to a foreign country? Why would they give up all this awesome American exceptionalism for strange languages, funny money, and stodgy foreign bureaucracy? Why leave behind family and friends and embark on a journey into suchContinue reading “What the hell are we doing?”