Pura Food

I never had high expectations for the food in Costa Rica. I figured there was probably a reason I had never been to a Costa Rican restaurant in my life. When I started this journey, I would not have been able to name a Costa Rican dish. My greatest hope was that there would beContinue reading “Pura Food”

This Last Year Has Been, Well, You Know…

This week is filled with mileposts. Monday marked one month since we first arrived in Costa Rica. The time has gone fast. But it has meant some serious adjustments to the pace of life. One thing I like about this life is that the focus of each day is very much on the needs ofContinue reading “This Last Year Has Been, Well, You Know…”

Pura Vida in the Time of COVID

“So how is Costa Rica handling COVID?” you ask. Good on you for asking. Same as every other country: it’s a mixed bag and ever changing. Hang with me, this post involves statistics. No getting around it. Just over 5 million people live here. There have been 406,814 infections and 5,030 coronavirus-related deaths reported inContinue reading “Pura Vida in the Time of COVID”

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

It’s down the mountain, over the pot holes, and through the construction. Saturday we made the one-day round trip to San Jose. Not the one in California. The OG (older than the one in the US by 40 years). The capital of Costa Rica. As part of our residency application, we need to be fingerprintedContinue reading “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?”

Hang on. Things may get bumpy.

Closing for sale of house: June 21 Flight to Chicago: June 22-26 Flight to Miami/Costa Rica: July 8 Excited. Exhausted. Happy. Frustrated. Content. Confused. These are the range of emotions one goes through several times each day when getting rid of all your earthly possessions except for what you can fit into three suitcases each.Continue reading “Hang on. Things may get bumpy.”